And then one day, I woke up.
And took off my rose tinted glasses.

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Cute little things.

Berlin is a lot of hangover meals. My favorite place, Curry Mitte, really likes fight club.

The jam

Is everything alright?
You feeling lonely?
You feeling moldy?
You’re not the only
Is everything alright?
You feeling stormy?
You feeling phony?
You’re not the only

A lovely last night in Bruges.

My beautiful Belgian, Jonas.

I’m tired.

I know I’m lucky to be on this amazing journey and I know not everyone gets to experience this but today I am feeling so tired I just want to sleep all day but I have to move cities instead. Off to Antwerp. I have four nights there so maybe by Sunday it will feel like “home”.

Black coffee

We’ll get coffee when the wounds heal and it’ll be cordial and weird and you will talk about yourself and not listen intently to a goddamn word I say and that will be okay because I will feel validated in knowing that I’ve changed and you have stayed the fucking same.

We ended for a reason and we hit a wall and you showed me your truest colors when I was oceans away and you weren’t strong enough to give me any kind of emotional support that a lover and partner of almost half a year should.

We caved in on ourselves and dissipated because that is what happens when you do not want to put in the work. These things, this love, it takes work. You have to want someone enough to be naked and vulnerable and put all of your ugliness out on the table and say please accept me because I love you and I know you can be ugly too.

But you couldn’t sustain something that had a three month grace period. I could not stand in front of your face forever.

I’ll let you pay for the coffee because I have spent enough tears on you.